Una exclusiva de la Caixa

La transmissiˇ d'en Puyal amb un gran equip d'especialistes de la rÓdio i de l'esport


Des d'una hora abans de l'inici del partit del FCB

Joaquim Maria Puyal (author of "A manifesto on the journalism profession") leads this four-hour long programme providing the commentary for every one of F.C. Barcelona’s official match fixtures. Various figures from both radio and the sport take part.

From the stadium, Ricard Torquemada provides technical analyses of the matches and Marta Carreras conducts interviews and makes special contributions. Joan Gelabert, sound technician, and Jesús López sound technician in the “mixed zone”, accompany them in the field.

Josep Maria Batllori gives regular updates on other matches in progress from the Data Center and Francesc Garriga is in charge of documenting all communications and preparing the press dossier.

Sergi Cutillas discusses the game’s controversial plays in the Screening Room. He is assisted by Carles Domènech,  who provides statistics on the players’ performances.

Jaume Ramon provides computerized data on ball possession and plays thanks to a cutting-edge software program. Albert Mora gives a brief summary of the program’s contents in the final minutes. He also coordinates the team in charge of the program website.

Other members of the program’s permanent staff are Sònia Oleart, head of operating production and Christian Garcia, general coordinator. The professional staff of Catalunya Ràdio also help with the production of the program as needed.

Listeners can send in their comments via e-mail --centrededades@catradio.cat-- or SMS --27033 by writing CATFUTBOL followed by their message (only valid in Spain, the cost is €1.20, plus VAT). Coia Ballesté is in charge of Message Reception.

The live program starts one hour before the beginning of the Barça match and lasts 240 minutes. Executive producer Joaquim M. Puyal is also the commentator and program coordinator. He was the sole commentator for the program’s first transmission held on September 5, 1976 on EAJ-1 Ràdio Barcelona and covering a match between F.C. Barcelona and U.D. Las Palmas.

This program has been airing on Catalunya Ràdio since the 1985-86 season. It has always been an audience leader and a flagship program among Catalan radio listeners. According to Media General Studies (EGM in its Spanish acronym), the cumulative audience for 2006 showed that the program had more listeners than all other programs together. According to data from CCRTV Interactiva, it is also the number one Internet radio program with more listeners than any other program in Catalan.

Barça match commentaries by Joaquim Maria Puyal is an exclusive of "La Caixa".



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